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The Preferred Business Group (PBG) is a professional leads group that co-ordinates a provision for businesses through one consistent form of contact.

Since establishment in 2006 the PBG is comprised of reputable business owners and trusted sales professionals committed to aiding one another in strengthening the cultivation of their businesses. Each member contributes quality service and value to the Flagler and Volusia communities through their local interpersonal businesses. Our group continues to grow into a professional trusted network whose goal is to assist each member in thriving within the field they are passionate about.

The members who comprise the Preferred Business Group (PBG) share the same driving mission: the best data, tools, and improvement methods are nothing without having an effective team. Members believe they can become more successful when working together rather than individually. Together each member takes part in developing leads while also discovering and implementing new business strategies. Team members stay involved and updated through interactive discussions, referrals, experiences and encouragement.

Because this is a group of non-competitive industries, we currently have openings for services which do not conflict with those already listed. If you are interested in joining the Preferred Business Group or would like more information, please contact Chris Massebeau at 386-547-3435.

Membership in PBG provides a variety of benefits:

  • Our members give an average of 150-200 direct leads to each other per quarter
  • We invest in a variety of marketing and promotion
  • Quarterly dues for the group cover a variety of things:
  • Partial payment for our bi-weekly dinner meeting
  • Web site page for your business and search engine optimization of the site
  • Entry and sponsorship fees for the various events that we attend
  • Radio advertising
  • Promotional products including T-Shirts, balloons, coolies, pens, and printed literature

“I have been a member of the PBG since 2008. The group has been very instrumental in helping me grow my business. The biggest attraction is the fact that we “keep it local”. With my involvement I am able to promote Daytona Sportswear much more than I could on my own!”
- Jeff Miller, Daytona Sportswear

“As a young professional invested in the Ormond Beach community it was important for me to join a networking group that not only shared my commitment to professionalism but values the importance of small business support and keeping locals local!”
- Michelle Kress, Ormond Beach Observer

The best investment we ever made; not just a very friendly (family-like) group, but also a great business opportunity for us to increase our revenues!”
– Csaba Arnold Kolozsvari, Ormond Beach Bootcamps

About PBG

The Preferred Business Group (PBG) is a professional leads group that co-ordinates a provision for businesses through one consistent form of contact.

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